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DRUM-05 Snare Drum

* analogue Snare Drum based upon MFB-503
* CV-control for Snap, Decay, Tune, Pitch parameters
* Noise and D-Tune controls
* dynamic trigger-input
* MSRP: 129,- Euro

Drum05_2The DRUM-05 module is based upon the Snare Drum circuit found in the MFB-503. The sonic possibilities have been expanded for extensive editing and modulation capacities

DRUM-05 is meant to be used in a modular synthesis system. Therefore, most of the Snare Drum’s sound parameters, i.e. Snap, Decay, Tune and Pitch, can be put under CV-control. This allows sound manipulation from envelope generators, LFOs, step-sequencers and many other modules.

The Snare Drum parameters in detail:

Snap sets the decay time of up to two seconds for the noise part of the sound.
Decay sets the decay time of up to one second for the tonal sound part consisting of two oscillators.
Tune defines the Snare Drum’s basic pitch between 100 to 400 Hz.
Pitch controls the duration of a pitch-modulation with fixed modulation intensity.
D-Tune controls the amount of detuning both oscillators.
Noise sets the volume for the noise part of the sound.

Triggering of the Snare Drum is possible through various signal types. Besides analogue and digital trigger-signals, drum-pads, piezo- and dynamic microphones may be used because of variable input sensitivity. Dynamic triggering will not only affect the sound’s volume but also Snap, Decay and Pitch.

The module has a width of 60 mm (12 TE).

MFB products are sold at your musical instruments dealer. If you can´t find any reseller closeby we will also sell the DRUM-05 directly within Germany. The price is 129 Euro (incl. VAT plus 10 Euro shipping, cash on delivery).

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