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MFB VD-01 Videoscope

*2 audio-inputs
*sample frequency of max. 1 MHz
*positive or negative triggermodes
*3 display modes
*selectable AC- or DC-input
*MSRP: 159,- Euro


VD-01Display your audio waveforms on a video-monitor or a standard television. Eye candy for your modular synth!

Connect two audio-signals at the same time. Vertical positioning control of the displayed waveform with separate POS control knobs.

The first TRIGGER switch selects between A or B inputs while the second TRIGGER switch selects between the positive or negative phase of the input signal.

TIME/DIV controls the sample frequency with a range from 1
¥sec to 100 ms. Finally, MODUS allows the selection of three different display modes.

The video-signal is output via a standard RCA jack and is therefore compatible with almost any monitor or tv-screen.

The module has a width of 40 mm (8 TE).

MFB products are sold at your musical instruments dealer. If you can´t find any reseller closeby we will also sell the VD-01 directly within Germany. The price is 159 Euro (incl. VAT plus 10 Euro shipping, cash on delivery).

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