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* Programmable Analogue Synthesizer
* 3 VCOs with wave shaping and ring modulation
* Dual-Sync and Dual-FM features
* 6-fold multimode-filter including 3 low pass configurations with 12...24 dB
* patch-section for external CV/Gate-control
* Velocity routing matrix with 11 destinations
* 3 LFOs with 2 LFOS offering one-shot-modes and reset
* MSRP; Dominion X SED 840,- Euro


DOMINION X is MFB’s latest synthesizer. It combines analogue synthesis, programmability and modular patching. With advanced circuits, increased functionality and a new design, DOMINION X is the first of MFB’s next generation musical instruments.

DOMINION X offers three oscillators for maximum flexibility. Each waveform can be varied in symmetry. Besides altering the pulse width of a rectangle, you may also continuously turn a saw tooth into a triangle and a triangle into a sine. All oscillators also offer ring modulation. In addition, VCO 2 and VCO 3 can be synced to VCO1. Finally, VCO3 can modulate the frequency of VCO 1 and VCO 2. The analogue oscillator circuit is processor-controlled for stable tuning. To complete the available sound sources, noise or an external audio input can be added to the VCOs in DOMINION X’s mixer section.

The filter offers six operation modes. Available are three low pass variations with 12, 18 and 24 dB/oct. slopes. Also available are high pass-, band pass and a notch filter with slopes of 12 dB/oct. respectively 6 dB/oct. Variable filter modulations are possible via an invertible envelope, keyboard tracking, LFO, VCO, different MIDI controllers as well as by the use o the CV-input.

The two ADSR-type envelops are internally routed to the VCF- and VCA-sections. In addition, envelope 1 can also modulate the VCO section. LFOs 1 and 2 offer six waveform shapes including sample & hold. They may be switched to one-shot-modes to emulation simple envelopes. A third sine-LFO works in combination with a keyboard's modulation wheel and can dynamically address the VCO, VCF and VCA sections.

Modulations are assigned by the use of selector switches, located at the destinations. This allows easily setting and re-routing internal modulation paths – ideally for your live-performance.

To integrate external modulators, control- and audio sources, DOMINION X offers nine inputs. Therefore, oscillators, filter, VCA, CV/Gate and mixer can be easily combined with other analogue synthesizers such as MFB’s MEGAZWERG, analogue sequencers such as MFB’s URZWERG PRO or modular synthesizer systems.

An additional selector switch allows assignment of velocity for up to eleven modulation destinations.

DOMINION X offers 128 programmable patches for your personal sound creations. To support sound programming without an attached keyboard, different demo sequences are available. To use DOMINION X as a filter box for external audio sources, the VCA can be opened permanently. Finally, there is an insert available to integrate an effect or distortion unit into the signal path.

DOMINION X has the following dimensions: 330 x 170 x 60 mm. An external power supply is included.

SED Filter

Our new filter design contains two different types of filters. Once is the 12 db mfb multifilter with 12 db lowpass and 12 db highpass, bandpass und notch. Sound can be described as clean and powerful  with steady catchy resonance behaviour.
The second is new SED filter with 24/12 db lowpass. This single ended  discrete (transistors) filter can be driven into clippng zone, especially the 12 db variant. The 24 db lowpass can be sound almost clean when you drive the vco mixer below half of possible value.
A clean and powerful multifilter get added a roland/ssm sounding partner.

Within the EU, the DOMINION X SEDis available for EU  840 Euro including shipping. (Prepayment by bank transfer). Non-EU-Residents countries can order the DOMINION X for 750 Euro (Price does not include VAT) – Prepayment by PayPal. This price includes shipping.
Please send your order to m.f.b@t-online.de. We will return our bank details or our PayPal account respectively.



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