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* semi-modular drum-machine
* true analogue sound sources
* kick, snare and tom (DRUM-04/-05/-06)
* cymbal and hihat (DRUM-07)
* step-sequencer with 16 steps and 16 A/B-patterns
* 6 gate- and 6 CV-tracks
* separate CV/Gate-tracks, e.g. for use with Kraftzwerg
* integrated MIDI/CV-interface
* integrated stereo-mixer with panning
* MSRP: 680,- Euro


SCHLAGZWERG combines the power of analogue drum and percussion sounds with modular versatility in a convenient and compact desktop unit. SCHLAGZWERG fusions CV-controllable percussion modules and a six-track CV/Gate-sequencer into a unique drum-machine for live and studio applications.
Thanks to its semi-modular concept, SCHLAGZWERG is ready to go without any need for patch-connections. Its internal pre-wiring comprises trigger-assignments for the gate-tracks of five (of six) drum-sounds as well as hihat decay-control. The additional CV-tracks can freely be patched to any of the modules’ functions. Naturally, the available CV-inputs can also be addressed by external control sources like LFOs, envelope generators or a Theremin-controller.
An additional CV/gate-track-pair can be used to either control a variable function of a drum-module or an analogue synthesizer like MFB’s KRAFTZWERG. The CV-track output is quantized in pitch for perfect tuning.
The internal sequencer can store sixteen patterns, each holding A- and B-parts. Patterns can be advanced using gate-signals as well as thru start/stop and reset remote inputs. The sequencer can be externally synchronized. Start/Stop and clock-sync can also be remote controlled from the units MIDI-input without any further patch connections.
SCHLAGZWERG will double as a sixfold MIDI-CV/gate-converter. Two modes cover drum-sound control and a basic CV/gate-output of the sequences. Two additional modes allow conversion of incoming MIDI-data into CV/gate with the internal sequencer being inactive. Here, every drum sound is controlled by an individual MIDI-channel with a pitch range of two octaves. A separate channel with five-octave-range is used for synthesizer control.
The individual drum-sounds derive from our MFB’s drum-sound-modules. Trigger inputs are level-sensitive and allow dynamic performance thru drum-pads, piezo-pickups or microphones. All drums offer CV-inputs for different parameters. In difference to our modules, the different drum-sounds do not need attenuators because the sequencer allows for scalable CV-output.
The bass-drum offers the powerful sound MFB’s MFB-503 drum-machine respectively our DRUM-04 module. It offers a wide variety of possible kick-sounds due to its parameter-set with attack, tune, decay, pitch and drive.
The snare-drum is also based upon the MFB-503, respectively our DRUM-05 module. Snap, decay, tune and pitch parameters allow for broad sound-variations.
The tom-sound derives from the MFB-503 respectively our DRUM-06 module. Here, pitch and panorama-position can be coupled to achieve the classic pan-spread sound of hi-, mid- and lo-toms.
Hihat and cymbal derive from our MFB-522 drum-machine, respectively DRUM-07 module. The sounds are based upon a six-oscillator-mix. Cymbal, open and closed hihat can be triggered separately. In addition, the decay of the cymbal- and open-hihat-sounds is under CV-control.
All drum-sounds are routed into the internal mixer with adjustable panning and stereo outputs. Alternatively, the sound modules also offer individual outputs.

The unit need a power-supply AC/AC 12V 500mA.

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Direct Sales

Within the EU, the SCHLAGZWERG is available for EU 680 Euro including shipping. (Prepayment by bank transfer). Non-EU-Residents countries can order the SCHLAGZWERG for 610 Euro (Price does not include VAT) – Prepayment by PayPal. This price includes shipping.
Please send your order to m.f.b@t-online.de. We will return our bank details or our PayPal account respectively.

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